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What Are the Top Future Trends in the Restaurant Industry?


The top future trends in the restaurant industry include investing in a good point of sales system (POS), healthier menu items, including kid-menu options, staff management, and supporting zero waste. Investing in these options will set your restaurant apart from your competition. To keep up with these top restaurant trends it’s important to reach out to your network, stay active on social media, read restaurant industry blogs and talk to […]

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How To Be A Better Server

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Learn These Simple Tips to be a Better Server So, you decided you want to become a waitress or waiter? And you want to be the very best server you can be? Well you have made a great choice! Servers enjoy a fast-paced work environment that keeps you on your toes, and the best part is you get to interact with customers all day long and make sure there are […]

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What FOH and BOH Mean in a Restaurant

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What is FOH and BOH? FOH and BOH are abbreviations that describe the two different parts of the restaurant. FOH stands for Front of the House, and includes everything guests see like the dining areas and bar. So, what does BOH mean? BOH stands for Back of the House and includes the kitchen, the line, manager’s offices and basically everything guests do not see. The Difference Between FOH and BOH […]

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The Top Waiter and Waitress Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them)

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Learn to Answer these Common Server Interview Questions for Waiters/Waitresses and Get a Higher-Paying Job Want to become a waitress or waiter? Being a server is a great job that offers the chance to interact with customers and the opportunity to earn more income with flexible shifts. Whether you are searching for a full time server position, or a part time gig to earn extra cash to pay your bills, […]

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How To Get More Tips As a Server Using Proven Psychology

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Want to Make More Money Waiting Tables? Learn how to get more tips as a server using proven psychology. It’s universally known that waiters and waitresses get the majority of their compensation through tips. These factors are statistically more likely to determine the server’s tip percentage.  Take note of these simple ways to earn more tips when serving your customers. Serve More Small Groups to Get Bigger Tips A study […]

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