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Five Unique Cocktails in 2020

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Waiting for the COVID-19 to pass has proven to be tough. Don’t let a virus get you down. Instead, use some of that extra time between work and daddy-daycare to become an in-house mixologist or bartender. These five unique cocktails in 2020 will inspire you to learn new recipes, host a party post COVID-19, and drink responsibly. From Kombucha to an array of ciders, there’s eclectic list of cocktails to […]

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Coronavirus Relief Funds for Restaurants and Hospitality Staff

So, it’s no secret that the coronavirus has heavily impacted the restaurant industry. Therefore, restaurants and bars were ordered to close their doors and offer take-out only. That means a serious decline in revenue. Take-out orders rarely compare to eat-in and can be as little as a quarter or less of the typical revenue. Coronavirus relief funds are now in full swing. Restaurants are facing extreme financial difficulties during the […]

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The Top Five Restaurant Podcasts to Subscribe to in 2020

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Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. Read on for the top five restaurant podcasts to subscribe to in 2020. Podcasts provide relevant, educational, and oftentimes comical content. By simply subscribing, you are given immediate access to easily addicting information for free! Subscribe and listen. That simple. Altogether, podcasts provide fresh and new ideas, perspectives, recipes, contacts, and sponsors. Podcasts are like an auditory Pinterest for those who enjoy listening to content […]

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Restaurant Leadership Is Important During the COVID-19 Shock

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Restaurant leadership is important during the COVID-19 shock. With the Coronavirus stretching across the globe, the uncertainty has been the foundation of fear for all restaurants. With this, comes change and so the leadership you provide during the Coronavirus is pivotal. When the government issued the news wave of COVID-19, restaurant owners and managers were hit with a curve-ball. Questions like: How do I support my staff? How do I […]

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How Restaurant Owners and Managers Can Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus & COVID-19

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Simple Tips You Must Take to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus How to prevent the spread of coronavirus is the top question in 2020. As restaurant managers and owners, you are always tasked with keeping your staff safe in the workplace. During the coronavirus outbreak, this responsibility has even farther reaching implications and has become even more imperative. As a manager or owner, it is your duty to serve the […]

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#Dont86us: End The Restaurant Financial Uncertainty

Dont 86 Us

How Restaurants Are Coming Together During the COVID-19 Financial Uncertainty #Dont86us. New to the hashtag world, but growing in popularity, is this request from restaurants and hospitality establishments currently spanning throughout New England. It’s no surprise that the restaurant industry has taken a huge economic hit during the Coronavirus. So much so, that many are likely wondering what will happen next? It’s plain to see that for most restaurants, next […]

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Ways to Get Resources and Funding During COVID-19

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So, you want to keep your food hot and the lights on? There are more than 1 Million restaurants nationwide now searching for ways to keep their doors open. There is a decline in revenues and supplies. Restaurants are seeking ways to get resources and funding during COVID-19. Read on to take note of steps that management can and should take to find funding and other resource options during the […]

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How to Hire Servers that Make Your Restaurant a Booming Success

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Hire Waiters and Waitresses that Get Return Customers & Can Upsell the Right Way and Watch Your Restaurant Grow Fast! Most restaurant owners understand that great service is a big reason customers return to your restaurant. It can even be more important than the food in some cases. So, if you want to run a more successful restaurant, you need to hire a great waitstaff. How you ask? Just follow […]

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How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus as a Server or Bartender (and Prevent the Spread)

Tips for Servers and Bartenders who Want to Protect Themselves (and their Guests) During the Coronavirus Outbreak As a server or bartender, you are coming into contact with many people who can potentially be carrying the corona virus on a daily basis. Since the virus is spread via respiratory air droplets in your breath (like a sneeze or a cough) it’s very possible you can contract coronavirus from serving your […]

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Facts Restaurants Need to Know About the Coronavirus

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Here are the facts restaurants need to know about the Coronavirus. First, your food will not be affected. Secondly, you don’t need to worry about what food people consume and lastly, continue to wash your hands and follow the health guide issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It’s okay to be concerned, but even more important to take the steps necessary […]

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