#Dont86us: End The Restaurant Financial Uncertainty

How Restaurants Are Coming Together During the COVID-19 Financial Uncertainty

#Dont86us. New to the hashtag world, but growing in popularity, is this request from restaurants and hospitality establishments currently spanning throughout New England. It’s no surprise that the restaurant industry has taken a huge economic hit during the Coronavirus. So much so, that many are likely wondering what will happen next? It’s plain to see that for most restaurants, next steps means closing down all-together. The restaurants who are hustling hard and have the means, are providing take-out and delivery ONLY options.

#Dont86us To Keep Our Restaurants Open

#dont86us to keep our restaurant community strong
Keep the restaurant community strong. #Dont86us

While following state laws can be tough during this time of complete chaos, restaurants are now asking the government to step up. The #dont86us is a movement in support of the government not collecting meal and room tax on restaurants and hospitality establishments for the months of February and March. #Dont86us is in support of keeping our favorite restaurants open. Now, the National Restaurant Association has stepped up and created a grassroots effort restaurant recovery plan. Similar to the #dont86us, the plan urges congress to assist restaurants financially, in hopes to combat the economic impact COVID-19 has placed on restaurants and those in the hospitality industry.

A once projected 863-billion-dollar industry is seeing the dramatic decrease in revenue and spoiled produce and it’s not the restaurants fault. Now, on one-hand some restaurants may be feeling the hit simply because their coffee was never truly something special. The restaurants who know the real meaning behind food and customers, are now in full-steam-ahead in seeing this movement through. #Dont86us is a matter of the many voices in the restaurant industry being heard, not just in New England but around the world.

#Dont86us Food For Thought

  1. What if the government waived taxes to those restaurants who can guarantee retention of at least 90% of their employees or, waived taxes all together?
  2. This would only go into effect for restaurants with a proven success track-record and not those restaurants/establishments who are looking for an easy bail out when they’ve never been customer-centric establishments to begin with.
  3. Waiving these taxes will save restaurants thousands, which would allow them to remain open for business

When COVID-19 Falls Fliptable Will Rise

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We’re All in This Together

We're all in this together. #dont86us
#Dont86us. We’re all in this together.

If there ever was a time to take the restaurant industry more seriously than before, it is now. And, if the government truly supports the notion of protecting the business model, the time to take action is now. From a monetary perspective, take that 863 billion dollars out of the economy and that’s a deficit we the people will not only see but feel. Fliptable is in support of #dont86us. We’re all in this together.

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