Where Did We Get the Name Flip Table (and What it Means to Flip a Table)

It’s the Inspiration for Our Name

What does inspiration for our name, Flip Table come from? It comes from the restaurant term to “flip a table”, or to turn a table. So, Flip Table is a play on words that we felt truly shows the nature of and benefits of our mobile app. Flip Table is an app that helps you hire staff faster, or find a better restaurant job. That makes you more productive. Flipping a table in a faster, more efficient manner, is how restaurants become more productive.

What Does it Mean to Flip a Table in The Restaurant Industry?

Flip table comes from restaurant terminology. To flip a table in the restaurant industry means to serve a party, deliver the check and move them along so the next party can be seated. When a server seats, serves and then delivers the check to guests, then clears the table and seats another party, that is a flip of that table – another phrase is table turn.

Servers may say something like “You need to flip tables faster.” Or, “how long does it take to flip a table?” Other restaurants refer to it as a table turn, or turning over a table. Whatever you say, the idea is the same. You have to flip those tables fast to earn success. 

Serving guests courteously and in an efficient manner helps you flip tables quicker.
Serving guests quickly and courteously helps you flip table faster.

Why Did We Choose the Term Flip Table as Our Inspiration?

We chose this name because It reflects the main pillars of our app. It’s all about being efficient. We help you hire staff or find that next great restaurant job faster. This saves you time and helps you be more productive. So, you can earn more and be more successful.

In the restaurant industry you need to operate efficiently. Sometimes margins are tight, and success depends on how quickly and efficiently you can perform. When searching for staff or finding a job you need to be efficient and effective. Wasting time with a “camper” (someone who sits at a table long after their meal is done, just doesn’t help you succeed.

Restaurants Depend on Servers Who Can Flip Tables Faster and With Class

Painting of waiter with cocktail

In the business, success is partly determined by how fast and successfully a waiter or waitress can flip a table. It’s also determined by how well they can find and retain great staff. That’s why we decided to name the app after flipping tables. We chose to combine it into flip-table because it was simple to remember and fun. 

It’s in sync with our mission to help restaurant owners hire the best staff at a reduced cost and with less hassle. So, they can focus on the more important things restaurants need to be concerned with. 

The Flip Table main pillars reflect the tone and spirit of the term. We are an intuitive, simple, fast and fun way to find a job and hire staff. We are all about helping restaurants succeed in today’s tough environment. 

When we named ourselves after a table flip or table turn, we took on the challenge of making a better app that makes hiring easier, more streamlined and even more fun. It’s one of the most difficult pain points restaurants deal with today, and we are on a mission to solve it. 

So, the reason we chose the name is simple. When a server can flip a table faster, they seat more parties and increase sales. By using our app, you spend less time sifting through resumes on the large boards. You spend more time focused on bigger picture problems. Growing your business, improving your menu, or kitchen processes. Plus, you find those star servers and cooks who can make your business boom. 

By making your hiring process run faster and more efficiently, your productivity goes up. Using the Flip Table app helps you become more productive. Interested in learning more? Sign up to join the table today.

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