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What a Local Chef Learned in the Restaurant Industry

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Whether you want to learn or not, you don’t need to work in tall buildings to gain valuable real-life, transferable skills. Today, the restaurant industry employs 10% of the population. Education aside, there are valuable lessons you learn by surrounding yourself with a diversified group of people. Dive deeper into what a local chef learned in the restaurant industry. One of the coolest aspects about this particular industry is that […]

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Restaurant Franchises to Consider Owning in 2020

July 21 Blog Feature Image

I know we’re in the middle of a global pandemic and not many people are considering opening a restaurant franchise right now, but let’s think positive! COVID-19 won’t last forever and people still need to eat regardless of what’s going on around them. Restaurants are still profiting and many have changed their business models and menus in order to stay in business. It’s an ever-evolving industry and now more than […]

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The Job Market in the Restaurant Industry

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1 out of every 10 Americans employed today are employed by the restaurant industry. Restaurant operations are at a lull right now during COVID-19. The need for BOH and FOH service remains. There has been a halt in expansion overall. However, now, there’s a greater emphasis on acquiring quality help vs. temporary hires. It costs a significant amount of money and takes up valuable time to hire and onboard employees. […]

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Cool Facts You Didn’t Know About the Restaurant Industry

July 14 Featured Image

What’s cooler than cool and ice cold? A tapped beer in a chilled mug. What’s stranger than fiction? Starbucks intentionally operates at a loss to not come across as competitive in the market. That’s what’s so great about the world we live in. The WWW (world wide web) gives us access to interesting facts to gain valuable knowledge. The Fliptable team is hard-at-work, building an awesome and revolutionary mobile app […]

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The Growth of QR in the Restaurant Industry

June 10 Blog Image 1

First, you may wonder: what is QR? QR is a tech and touch-less and contact-less technology that is rapidly making its way into the restaurant industry. Prior to COVID-19, touching menus and screens was a “thing.” Now, there’s an attraction to touch less and be serviced more. The growth of QR in the restaurant industry is a clear indicator that technology is inevitably opening up easier and cleaner ways to […]

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How the PPP Has Helped Restaurants Around the U.S.

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Back in March, a call-to-action to assist the restaurant industry began. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was rolled out under the CARES Act. Stress placed on restaurant owners to stay afloat amidst the pandemic grew. However, resilience stepped in by independently created groups like the Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC). The IRC asked for change. Here’s how the PPP has helped restaurants around the U.S. With the dedication from the IRC […]

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Enjoy Independence Day During COVID-19

July 2 Blog Post

Courtesy of the red, white, and blue. With the federal holiday approaching, are you wondering what your public options are when COVID-19 guidelines are in place? Watching a spectacular firework show 6-feet apart with a mask on may not be the opportune plan, but enjoy it anyway. Not what you would envision and certainly not attractive if you’re wanting to enjoy an evening with your spouse. However, it’s important that […]

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A Positive Dining Experience Despite COVID-19

June 29 Blog Post Featured Image

Are you getting sick of curb-side and take-out? I recently decided to dine-in for the first time in months. Thanks to a popular steakhouse, I had a comfortable experience.. I felt the dining experience was better! The dining experience felt more intimate and it might have been the placebo factor, but the food presentation and taste was also better. Overall, I had a positive dining experience despite COVID-19. I recommend, […]

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Restaurants Can Come Out Of The Pandemic Stronger Than Ever

June 25 Blog Post Featured Image

COVID-19 has taken us all for quite a ride. It’s no secret that things are changing and new rules and regulations have been put in place nationwide. As restaurants begin to reopen and adapt to new protocols and changes, there are a few ways restaurants can come out of the pandemic stronger than ever.  Focus on Restaurant Improvement COVID-19 has given restaurants an opportunity to reset. Make any adjustments now […]

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Creating an Emotional Connection With Your Customers

June 23 Blog Post Featured Image

Whenever you talk about business, two things immediately come to mind: sales and marketing. This is true. Without a good sales pitch and marketing plan, your mission is lost and so too is your business plan. However, one factor that really successful restaurants keep in mind is creating an emotional connection with your customers. By creating a powerful sense of affinity, you are creating a power-house of a restaurant. Building […]

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