The Growth of QR in the Restaurant Industry

First, you may wonder: what is QR? QR is a tech and touch-less and contact-less technology that is rapidly making its way into the restaurant industry. Prior to COVID-19, touching menus and screens was a “thing.” Now, there’s an attraction to touch less and be serviced more. The growth of QR in the restaurant industry is a clear indicator that technology is inevitably opening up easier and cleaner ways to wine and dine. There’s now an app and code for that.

Especially when it comes to fast-casual dining. Whipping out your smart-phone and hovering over a QR code will give you quick access to menu and easy-pay options. Technology has now become this essential survival tool. For a lot of restaurants, technology has been at the forefront. We saw the tech trend begin when they introduced Point of Sale Systems (POS). We saw another emergence again in chain restaurants when a card-reader replaced the gritty box of game cards to pass the time.

The growth of QR in the restaurant industry
QR is the new technology being used to avoid contact during COVID-19

Life has forever changed in the restaurant industry. Now more than ever, technology is shaping the industry. During COVID-19, as some restaurants began to shutdown, others introduced curbside and helpful apps to their customers. Before the pandemic, the health implications were taken into account, but not to the extent that it is now as humans are now directly affected if any particular process is not followed. With this, cloud computation became the new-wave technology that restaurant owners are adopting.

What Technology Has Taught the Restaurant Industry

Ready customer one. We are seeing that we can technology our way out of this. If anything, this pandemic has shown that technology can be introduced quickly and seamlessly and for the most part, affordably. Ultimately, this has taught us with the emergence of QR and technology, we are moving towards access and connectivity and connecting with our customers, leveling up our engagement game. The growth of QR in the restaurant industry is tremendous. There’s so many ways you can incorporate QR into your business to both increase efficiency and give your customers a peace-of-mind.

The restaurant industry will bounce back. What we are learning from these situations will help us bounce back stronger than we have ever been before. – Josh Thurmer, IT director for Cousins Subs

Restaurants Stand More Than a Chance at Survival Thanks to Consumers

Moreover, now more than ever, health and safety are thought of more over economic factors. This says, that though the economy is on lock-down, consumers still gravitate to obtaining goods in addition to e-commerce. Despite the concern, there’s this willingness for communities and people to help the restaurant industry recover.

Discovery Through Easy Mobile Apps

Customers can easily discover your restaurant information with a simple hover over a QR code

Today, if you can easily access what you need on your smartphone, as business, you have the advantage. You will not only attract customers who can easily discover you, but you will see your sales increase. Win-win. QR codes can be used to digitize your menu, making it touch-less and pandemic-friendly. You can also integrate your POS (point of sales system) with QR for easy-pay and order confirmation.

This was especially strong among Boomers. (41 percent) and less so for Gen Z. (23) percent, who gravitated more to trying new and exciting dishes they can’t create at home. – Datassential Consumer Report, Money Matters

QR and Customer Loyalty Rewards

Restaurant owners want to keep their business open and their customers happy. 30% of adults are willing to use technology in restaurants today. When it comes to thinking of additional ways to attract and keep customers. Think packages. Think convenience, and think loyalty rewards.

QR allows for information to be safely obtained and kept so that you can then provide your customers with exactly what they want. Right down to the time of day food is ordered and what customers order. Knowing this will give you the opportunity to then turn around and offer promotions specific to customer desires to keep them coming back. True retention.

Several apps like MOOYAH Burgers, Fries, and Shakes have seen the direct benefit of using QR to provide a deeper level of customer interaction. It’s all about the customer experience. If you can implement a technology that is affordable, quick, and easy for the customer to use, you are opening up opportunities to obtain more customers and increase customer satisfaction.

The QR Data and Connection

There’s a value to data that when used properly, can really aid the restaurant industry. If you pay attention to the trends, you’ll see a significant increase in FOH and BOH technology. The growth of QR in the restaurant industry sector is expected to reach $690 billion by 2022. Ding-ding! Idea to all you restaurateurs out there.

There’s a huge opportunity for restaurants right now to take advantage of this information and technology. Millennial’s and Gen Z’s desire a tech experience when dining out and ordering. These are generations that you want to attract and keep.

Meeting Customer Needs With Efficiency and QR

No need to touch. Just use your smart-phone to access tasty menu items and pay for your meal.

To that, what’s so great about technology and QR is that it’s not industry specific. Whether you are a fast-dining, casual, michelin, or food-truck, you can use QR to allow your customers to order food in the upmost touchless fashion. If you’re a food-truck with an uptick of customers at lunch-break, you can strategically place QR codes on your menu via QR to allow customers to skip the line and the long wait. QR can be used in lieu of printing new paper menus after each table has been seated. There’s nothing efficient nor environmentally friendly about printing menu after menu. Us QR. The environment will thank you.

Get Creative and Use QR to Grow Your Restaurant Business

Nevertheless, if you are thinking of yet another methodology to roll out and test during this time, I highly encourage you to look into QR technology. Here is a list of a few companies offering world-class connectivity through QR:

  1. Barpay
  2. QR code generator
  3. Presto

Make sure you do your due diligence prior to choosing what is right for your restaurant. Leverage the options out there to stay productive and grow your business. Can’t touch this. QR time.


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