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Why it’s Important to Support Local Businesses

When You Support A Local Business You Support A Dream.

Local Businesses are Customer-Focused Here’s why it’s important to support local businesses. Supporting local businesses in your state is beneficial for your local economy, and provides you with better customer service. Local businesses are typically smaller and more community-focused, which can translate into more personalized and attentive customer service. Bigger isn’t always better.  Business Owners Live and Work In The Community Often run by people who live and work in […]

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Tips on How to Understand Your Restaurant Customers

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Provide Fantastic Food and Learn to Connect with Your Customers It’s no surprise the restaurant industry is a competitive landscape. If you’re a restaurant owner, it’s important to provide great plates. However, what’s equally important is knowing who your customers are and what they want. Are you creating delectable dishes and still struggling to connect with those you serve? Here are some tips on how to understand your restaurant customers. […]

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Getting a Restaurant Job Can be Incredibly Rewarding

A Restaurant Job is a Challenge Worth Accepting As someone who worked in the restaurant industry, I can tell you that it was challenging at times, but incredibly rewarding. There’s a different kind of work ethic and maturity you gain by entering into an industry at the bottom and working your way up. Unlike most jobs, the restaurant space is unique in that it likes for you to prove yourself. […]

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Dining Out in The New Year

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What to Expect Dining Out in The New Year Alright, the New Year is quickly approaching (days away)! Restaurants are still thriving and consumers are still making plans to enjoy the dining out experience. As a new year begins, we’ve put together a simple list of what you may expect dining out in the new year. First, it’s important to appreciate the experience as a whole. Remember, there’s a lot […]

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Festive Christmas Cocktails to Enjoy This Holiday Season

Christmas Cocktails To Enjoy This Holiday Season Ft Blog 122222

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year It’s the most wonderful time of the year—the festive season of Christmas is upon us. Are you searching for delicious cocktails to celebrate with? Look no further, as we’ve compiled a list of festive Christmas cocktails to enjoy this Holiday season. Merry Martinis To start off, try a classic Cranberry Martini. This delightful holiday drink combines vodka, simple syrup, cranberry juice, and lime […]

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Food and Family During the Holidays

Food Creates a Sense of Community and Connection Food and family during the holidays go hand in hand. From holiday feasts to barbecue gatherings, there is something special about sharing a meal with our loved ones. Food has the power to bring people together, creating a sense of community and connection. Whether it’s cooking a recipe handed down through generations or creating something new, food is a way to express […]

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5 Ways to Promote Your Job Posting and Stand Out to Candidates

5 Ways to Promote Your Job Posting and Stand Out to Candidates Chances are, as a restaurant owner, you’ve spent time posting numerous jobs only to not get a single response to your request. We hear from some of our restaurant partners, that “Craigslist is “creepy.” “Indeed doesn’t understand customer service.” The list goes on. Not only does posting a job take time, but now, and more than ever, you [...]
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Where Are The Job Seekers?


Where Are The Job Seekers?  It’s not a secret that every single industry out there is struggling to find job seekers. Whether it’s because they’ve decided to change careers, or because they have decided to take a hiatus from their responsibilities professionally and chosen to focus on their personal life. Whatever the reason, it’s not just the restaurant industry we see facing this challenge. Every company, whether corporate, Fortune 500, […]

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Fliptable is Changing the Restaurant Industry

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Low on Staff and Short on Time Right now, there isn't a restaurant out there that isn't looking to hire. Restaurant managers are frantic. Owners are working the floor and feeling the burnout. Though the economy has opened back up, the shortage of staff is the #1 reason restaurants are still hurting. Businesses are left reducing their hours of operation or closing for good. Fliptable is changing the restaurant industry [...]
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Get Hired With Fliptable

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Get Hired and Get Paid Using the Fliptable AppWe're having some fun celebrating the launch of Fliptable. Complete a job seeker profile and be entered for a chance to win $1000. Plus, 25 people who match + get hired using the Fliptable app will receive $250! Get hired with Fliptable. Need a little extra "dough?" This is Audrie. Audrie needed a restaurant job. Other platforms were frustrating and recommended irrelevant [...]
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