5 Ways to Promote Your Job Posting and Stand Out to Candidates

5 Ways to Promote Your Job Posting and Stand Out to Candidates

Chances are, as a restaurant owner, you’ve spent time posting numerous jobs only to not get a single response to your request. We hear from some of our restaurant partners, that “Craigslist is “creepy.” “Indeed doesn’t understand customer service.” The list goes on. Not only does posting a job take time, but now, and more than ever, you have to include the correct information to attract a job seeker. Posting a job can be cumbersome, especially if you’re a restaurant owner and prefer to skip to getting someone in the door to help. Half of the battle is finding the help, and everything before and after is simply all part of the overall hiring process.

Today, the stats are in favor of being unique in your approach to creating a job postSo, if you’re like the majority of restaurant owners out there wanting to save both time and money, here are 5 ways to promote your job posting and stand out to candidates:

Showcase Your Appreciation Towards Your Staff in Your Job Posting

If there’s any advice that we could give and that should be front-and-center is staff appreciation. You know those posts you see on social media? The posts where a restaurant highlights a staff member and the various reasons as to why they appreciate him/her? These are gold nuggets in the grand scheme of things and here’s why: job seekers are much more likely to work where they know they will be appreciated. To that, job seekers will do their research beforehand.

Moreover, due to the increase in the number of jobs available, especially in the restaurant and hospitality space, these opportunities make it so if you don’t show your appreciation, you will have a difficult time finding help. Before a job seeker applies to your open position, they will “Google” you and so it’s important to have a friendly front-facing culture and clear appreciation for those that assist in making sure your restaurant operates smoothly. If your environment is welcoming and fun, showcase it via live video streams and social media

A solid example showing staff appreciation to include in your job post: 

  • Weekly staff happy hours
  • Annual company-wide retreats
  • After-hour social events
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Performance Bonuses
  • Holiday Bonuses
  • Fitness Memberships
  • Gift Cards

Clearly Outline What the Job Will Entail and Don’t Fluff It

Nothing will deter a job seeker more than when you are not clear on what their day-to-day responsibilities will entail. If you have certain expectations, list them. Don’t leave out the details. Granted, during the interview process, you’ll get more granular but copying and pasting a job description from the internet will only come back to bite you. You want to show that you are serious about filling the position and that your establishment is organized.

For example, if you have a 90-day probationary period but don’t state that in your application and only when the candidate shows up to the interview, you disclose that information, don’t get upset when it equates to time wasted on both sides. Transparency is key. It’s okay to state that certain tasks will vary day-to-day and that some tasks will be shared but if the job in its entirety ends up changing, don’t blame the employee for confusion. 

List Growth Opportunities

Simon Sinek, an author, and inspirational speaker often uses the phrase, “you don’t hire for skills, you hire for attitude. You can always teach skills.” Very rarely do you hire someone who doesn’t require at least some direction. As it relates to the restaurant industry, for example, if you hire a server, it would benefit you to also train the server on how to mix a few drinks in the event that your bartender calls out.

Additionally, if you hire a general manager, don’t be afraid to allow him or her to train up and provide the skills needed to cook. Spending more time in the beginning and allowing your staff to learn and grow will lend itself to supporting retention efforts by also providing your employees a place to feel like they can become better. 

Be a cheerleader. As cliche as that sounds, by creating a supportive environment, job seekers will organically be drawn to work at your establishment even if it doesn’t provide them with A-Z on their checklist. Appreciation and room to grow go a long way. 

If candidates are interested in a position and want to apply but feel their efforts will not be rewarded or improved upon, your job post will become stale. 

Be Transparent About What You Will Pay the Candidate

People want to know what they are getting paid. If you want to attract job seekers, you need to be transparent about what you will pay them. Whether that’s an hourly wage plus tips or salary, listing the numbers will draw more attention. If you are nervous about listing a wage because you think it’s unattractive, maybe it’s time you change the rate to draw people in. If you yourself wouldn’t find your offerings nice, why would anyone else? After all, if you want the right help, fast, you have to give them something to hold onto and a living wage is a starting point. When showing a salary within your job listing, you will get twice the number of applicants than when you do not. Candidates don’t leave jobs to enter into others for the same level of pay, they often look for an increase, so keep that in mind. 

List Your Values in The Job Post

Do you genuinely care about your team members? Say it and show it. Let your team members know that the work they are doing matters. Values such as community, inclusion, diversity, improvement, and collaboration. These values are the foundation of millennials but also society.

One of our restaurant partners, Big Pig Barbecue in Peabody Massachusetts is a great example of this. Big Pig is constantly giving praise to their staff and showcasing their tasteful hard work all over social media and in return, patrons and staff flock to their company. 

Big Pig 72222It goes without saying, if you appreciate your team and provide an environment where they feel valued and supported, you’ll not only attain team members but retain them and have fun in the process.

So What’s Next? 

Stay tuned, Fliptable is working behind the scenes on some exciting opportunities in support of our restaurant partners and those job seekers who want to learn and grow. Until then, download the Fliptable App today and begin to promote your job posting and stand out to candidates. Try something new like the Fliptable App to hire candidates. Not only is it new, but it’s also easy and fast! Instead of spending countless hours reviewing resumes, find what you want in minutes using our instant interview, message, or text features. 


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