Where Are The Job Seekers?

Where Are The Job Seekers? 

It’s not a secret that every single industry out there is struggling to find job seekers. Whether it’s because they’ve decided to change careers, or because they have decided to take a hiatus from their responsibilities professionally and chosen to focus on their personal life. Whatever the reason, it’s not just the restaurant industry we see facing this challenge. Every company, whether corporate, Fortune 500, middle-market, or ma’ and pop,’ every space is asking itself, “where are the job seekers?” This isn’t an easy question to answer but what we at Fliptable tackled is this very notion that every approach you’ve taken in the past isn’t working and so something must give. 



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Increasing Opportunities for Job Seekers Means You Must Offer More

Pre-pandemic, the job seeker thought differently. There was a greater sense of trust, solidarity, and professional development. Most people felt comfortable in their day-to-day life, so much so, that the prospect of anything different never came to mind. Now, our minds have shifted to see more and do more and we’ve looked through the glass from a different perspective. To attain and retain job seekers today, you have to be willing to take a giant leap of faith, increase compensation, and be willing to take on an advisory role. It’s not just the tips drawing job seekers in the restaurant industry. If you want help, you have to prove it and show that you appreciate what you get, whether it’s quality or not. The noses of job seekers today have become hyper-sensitive, each day, sniffing out the next best opportunity at any chance of uncertainty. 

Take a Deeper Dive Into Why Candidates Don’t Show Up For Interviews

Job seekers today have more options. If they don’t like something, they’ll let you know by leaving; “that’s all she wrote.” What is more, job seekers don’t need a reason anymore. If there’s a better opportunity down the road, they’re going to seek that out unless you can entice them in another way. You’re a magician and have moments to attract and pull them in or lose them. We all may be wondering what the secret to where the job seekers are hanging out is and why you can’t find them. You can blame Indeed, you can blame your expensive recruiting company, you can blame digital advertising, and you can blame PR, but at the end of the day, if there wasn’t a solution to these challenges, none of those platforms would exist.

Job Seekers of Today Care About Their Well-Being and Paycheck

Outside of the platforms, you’re paying for, you need to offer more. Show the money. Show the benefits. Show them the comradery. Show the purpose. Show them how you’re going to take care of them. Sounds soft in comparison to a decade ago. However, we are all evolving with the economy we’re living in. Money, self-care, professional development, and opportunities to grow are focal points for the majority of job seekers today. You have to act fast. In fact, Gordon Ramsey once said, “whatever you do, be different.”

The Hiring Process Takes Time And Hiring Managers Need to Act Fast

A high rate of no-shows isn’t the responsibility of the platform you’re using. It may feel easier to point the blame. If you have made several attempts to reach out to the job seeker and they do not respond, instead of shifting the blame off of you and onto the platform or service you are using, ask yourself, “what could I have done differently?” “Was there something more I could have done?” “Did I act fast enough?” If your answer to any of these questions isn’t in support of yourself, make improvements. Stay positive! If you are not staying positive during the process, it can be overwhelming and you could be inadvertently projecting onto the candidates you’re trying to hire. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. 

Monthly Restaurant Job Gains

Lastly, despite what the media portrays. According to recent statistics put forth by Appcast, the labor force is improving and a large portion of the population is seeking out hospitality jobs. 



So, what this tells us is that more jobs are being added and more people are looking for jobs in the hospitality space. 

To answer the original question: where are the job seekers? To conclude, they are out there! It’s lesser of a matter of where and more of a matter as to why they choose to work for you or not. Consider creating a culturally sound and supportive environment. Act fast when responding to job applicants and don’t be afraid to create a positive relationship. Applicants are more likely to want to work where they feel safe, appreciated, and supported. 

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