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The Top Five Restaurant Podcasts to Subscribe to in 2020

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Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. Read on for the top five restaurant podcasts to subscribe to in 2020. Podcasts provide relevant, educational, and oftentimes comical content. By simply subscribing, you are given immediate access to easily addicting information for free! Subscribe and listen. That simple. Altogether, podcasts provide fresh and new ideas, perspectives, recipes, contacts, and sponsors. Podcasts are like an auditory Pinterest for those who enjoy listening to content […]

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How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus as a Server or Bartender (and Prevent the Spread)

Tips for Servers and Bartenders who Want to Protect Themselves (and their Guests) During the Coronavirus Outbreak As a server or bartender, you are coming into contact with many people who can potentially be carrying the corona virus on a daily basis. Since the virus is spread via respiratory air droplets in your breath (like a sneeze or a cough) it’s very possible you can contract coronavirus from serving your […]

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