Meet The Female Founder of the Mobile Restaurant App Fliptable

Next, and very similar to the previously mentioned members on the Fliptable team, the founder is a go-getter. You’ll often find her immersed in a business call or traveling to speak with other restaurants/business owners, all the while making time for not one, not two, but three English Labs. The founder of Fliptable comes packed with plenty of grit to have originated such an impactful business model. This week, I bring to you Kassandra “Kassie”, the female founder of Fliptable. Read on to learn more about Kassie and what makes her such a great leader for our company and in the restaurant hiring industry.

Note: she, her, hers = Kassie

An Influential Female In Business

Today, females are really stepping up their business game. Kassie is helping to carry that torch and set high standards, standing at six feet without heels, she puts the “S” in step and “U” in up when it comes to her game. She has a can-do attitude and that is just one of the many reasons we’ve been able to scale as a product and as a team.

The Main Motivator That Led to Fliptable

What we want may not come easy, or come at all, but if we choose to never give up, somethings work out better than expected, (K. Pike, 2020).

Solving the Restaurant Hiring Problem

Right now, without Fliptable, candidates interested in finding a job in the restaurant industry submit countless resumes and cover letters hoping one stick to the “wall” which also happens to have contractors, business development professionals, and nannies; a very diluted pool of no hope. They are hoping something sticks to the board amongst the chaos. Today’s job boards are missing a significant and vital component of what job seekers and restaurants need when it comes to hiring talent.

Fliptable has that secret sauce; a special dish (app), designed (cooked) to your perfection, made with the customer in mind (plenty of well-designed AI), and paired with the best user experience; keeping you coming back for more (or seconds), and lastly you’re not spending countless hours or dollars as a job seeker or restaurant hiring manager to find top restaurant talent. You simply pick up your mobile device and allow the app to recognize your geolocation; and “bon “app” atit. Your next candidate and job/position are uniquely matched to you. The job seeker is notified right away that a hiring manager is interested in their candidacy and the hiring manager is able to communicate with the candidate in real-time.

The Fliptable Name

Kassie continues to enlighten us:

The name Fliptable comes from the term “flip table” in the industry. This results in understanding how many customers have enjoyed a meal at a location; which in turn creates profit. I come from a big family and I understand and appreciate the importance of gathering around a table to enjoy a meal. The amazing feeling you get when the weight of a long day gets lifted at the first sight of a big juicy steak, colorful salad, and buttery flaky roll is fantastic, (K. Pike, 2020).

There’s so much more to Fliptable. Outside of the business model, there are funnels that bring the scalable concept together, like family, food, and wanting to help such an amazingly talented industry. The value placed upon family and the community of restaurateurs as Fliptable sees it is one of the many reasons our team works day and night to create the best possible mobile app that users can learn to use and be confident in their ability to solve their immediate restaurant job needs.


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What’s in it for you?

There are some pretty cool incentives to proclaim your Fliptable fan support.

Finding Her Voice and Following Her Vision

There’s a lot to be said about having a good vision. There’s also a lot to be said about having the courage to share that vision, unaware of the positive or negative effects, (K. Pike, 2020).

For Kassie, turning to and entrusting her network was the first step. Trusting, first, her voice to bring her vision to life.

You know, sometimes, when you envision something just within reach, you just have to go get it, (K. Pike, 2020).

Hobbies and Activities Outside of Being The Founder of Fliptable

I am very passionate about helping those in the restaurant industry because some of my closest friends are head chefs and bartenders and have been for years. We try to gather regularly and share food tips and tricks all-the-while eating delicious food and taste-testing a new bartender’s cocktail or house chosen red blend, (K. Pike, 2020).

It is nice to be close friends with a bartender, let alone a chef! In addition to being a social butterfly, Kassie is an outdoor enthusiast. Having three labs, she brings fur-baby mom to a new level. Kassie enjoys acres of trail hiking, biking, and exploring around her Vermont homestead and hooking a trout on the end of a fly rod from out of the miles of rivers that surround the property landscape. Don’t let the clickity-clank of heels fool you. When she’s not dabbling in real estate and when she has a hot minute, she also enjoys a well-manicured striped lawn. When the going gets tough, the tough get on a Kubota. The founder of Fliptable is pretty cool!

What Are Some Fliptable App Game Changers?

The ease, the quality, the connection, and the peace of mind it will bring to the restaurant industry.

When something makes a pain point disappear, or when a process is streamlined, that is what people naturally gravitate towards. That is what I enjoy most about Fliptable. When I’m using the App I’m having fun. Who would think that the hiring process would have the word “fun” attached to it?! I think any app on the market that can make connections more meaningful and seamless in a professional and highly niche setting will do well, (K. Pike, 2020).

Providing the market with a mobile app they can utilize for their job-seeking journey is the new norm, so it only makes sense to bring Fliptable into the mobile market.

The Fliptable Pillars

Kassie’s Vision for Fliptable?

To revolutionize the restaurant hiring industry. We are the real deal, hiring talented and qualified candidates in real-time. No paperwork. Resume vetting can be costly because you’ve paid for ads weeks ago to post a job and still haven’t found the right candidate, (K. Pike, 2020).

Kassie’s Favorite Restaurant Memory?

Every memory I’ve ever had while traveling always involves food. The first that comes to mind is sitting down to dinner at Boshamps, Seafood & Oyster House in Destin FL with my twin sister.

Kassie described the setting beautifully:

The sun was setting over a gorgeous marina. You could see the silhouettes of guests below the deck. The private Boshamps beach being occupied with a couple playing fetch with their dogs (labs) and their younger children playing volleyball. I sensed this restaurant was one locals and travelers adored. These are the kinds of family-style restaurants I really enjoy. The atmosphere grabs you and leaves you with lasting memories, (K. Pike, 2020).

The atmosphere at restaurants is important. Oftentimes, the setting is just as important as the delicious food.

I have traveled the world, seen the Pyramids of Giza, scuba dived off the coast of beautiful islands but sometimes, all it takes is enjoying a creamsicle cake from Boshamps with your sister that matters and means the most, (K. Pike, 2020).

What Position Would You Hold if You Worked in a Restaurant?

Kassie has worked in the restaurant industry before as a hostess, and barback, moving her way into a bartender position. Did I mention Kassie’s served in The White House?! Where’s the soundtrack to “this girl is on fire?!” She’s like dessert before dinner (oh how awesome!)

If I had to choose, I would be a bartender. I enjoy the social aspect of interacting with people and mixing up their favorite drinks after a long day. I like having the ability to know what’s going on and being aware. And, more often than not, being the bartender is often the best “seat” in the house, (K. Pike, 2020).

A barmaid to SHE-EO, Kassie still enjoys mixing up a cocktail or two after a long day.

Any Closing Remarks For Our Fliptable Fans?

Yes! Like, share, and follow our brand on social media. Be ready to download our app in the Apple App Store and Google Play when we hit the market. We are a group of restaurant entrepreneurs, working to positively change the restaurant industry. Not just another job-board, we are the virtual handshake, to that of an accepted job-offer and qualified candidate. We share the same passion restaurateurs do; to serve you so that you can serve others, (K. Pike).

Currently, the team is building. And, as it does, each member brings something valuable and new to the table.

I am appreciative of how far we’ve come and I’m even more excited to see how this will positively impact a serving yet underserved community of restaurants and restaurateurs, (K. Pike, 2020).

Come have a seat at our table. Help us solve a pain point. Bon “app” etit.

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