Which States are Reopening Restaurants During COVID-19

The Wait is Almost Over

It’s been nearly two months since restaurants in most states were first shut down due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Some restaurants have chosen to shut down permanently. Others are choosing take-out services only. However, all of them are hoping and praying they’re able to reopen to dining soon. Read below for a list of which states are reopening restaurants during COVID-19.

While all states have different guidelines, it’s no secret that the restaurant industry as a whole is struggling to survive. Most employees have been furloughed or let go permanently. The employees whom were let go are collecting unemployment. Some have turned to delivering via the GrubHub, UberEats or one of the other food delivery services which are undoubtedly growing at this time.

We have learned more about COVID-19 and who is most vulnerable. We have also learned how to protect ourselves from contracting the virus. With this, it looks like the wheels may finally be turning and states are slowly opening up restaurants to the public again. Cheers to that!

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States Reopening Restaurants During COVID-19

Each state has its own guidelines for reopening. As of today, 29 states have allowed in-dining to some capacity, even if minimal. Social distancing measures are still being enacted and the safety and health of customers is of the greatest importance. As time goes on, you will see a number of new phases in restaurant reopenings being implemented. For a more complete list of states reopening restaurants during COVID-19 and state dependent stipulations click here.

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