The One Sentence That Will Change the Restaurant Industry

As months go by and we see the economy continue to make strides to become strong again, we’ve also seen a shift. I call this shift the “in this together.” Not entirely unknown for the general population as we all find our way through the twists and turns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s the resiliency of so many businesses coming together that makes this industry one of the strongest. Whether our team is traveling on the road or taking a Zoom call, we know the one sentence that will change the restaurant industry.

We Are In This Together

That’s it—the one sentence. We are in this together. In a society that seems divided, there are communities worldwide who speak in this together language. If there’s any industry that knows this to be true, it’s the restaurant industry. Instead of mirroring some of the acts seen only on television, let’s remember that it takes a village. Sitting down, listening to restaurant managers and owners as they relay their experiences coming out of the pandemic, there’s a common denominator. You cannot come back into the game alone. You need to know who your players are and how they can help. Accept the resources that are out there for you. Some of these resources are atypical. Mobile app technology is one of those resources. Embrace it.

The Benefit of Downloading the Fliptable App

You’re not alone. Thousands of restaurants have to make big decisions. These decisions include inventory decisions and whether to order more beer or wine, but major fiscal choices. Luckily, options exist today that didn’t exist before. You have an excellent excuse to take advantage of these resources as soon as possible. We are in this together is the one sentence that will change the restaurant industry and is also what we, at Fliptable, stand by.


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