The Future of The Restaurant Industry

Are you getting excited? You should be! Restaurants are reopening and the economy is taking positive steps, opening up more businesses. Though, the future of the restaurant industry may never be the same post COVID-19. Restaurant owners are working hard to keep things as “normal” and comfortable as possible. As restaurants around the world begin to reopen for outdoor and 6-feet apart seating, let’s take a look at what the future of the restaurant industry holds.

Regardless, Fliptable is excited for the restaurant industry and the reopening of so many wonderful restaurants.

The Food Supply Chain

The emergence of farm-to-table has initiated a push for healthier foods in restaurant kitchens. Unfortunately, with smaller restaurants potentially closing their doors and their food supply chain dwindling, will the farms be able to survive? That’s a question that we can’t answer right now, but the potential loss of farms that were providing food directly from the source may certainly affect the industry as a whole, especially the emerging farm to table “support local” restaurants. Stay positive, though. The restaurant industry is truly resilient.

The Hiring Process

Currently, many restaurant employees are collecting unemployment benefits. Some are making more weekly than they were making working for restaurants. Motivation due to the assistance may be hard to find. However, this is why it’s important for you, as a restaurant owner to get creative in finding ways to attract the quality staff you need to move forward.

There will be a point in time where the unemployment benefits will end. Will former restaurant employees want to return to the uncertain industry? The answer is yes. Those whose hearts beat to the industry are excited to come back. When employees return and hiring begins, there will be health guidelines to follow as there should be.

Restaurant owners and managers may find it more difficult to hire employees willing to work in their restaurants. However, data is suggesting that as soon as the unemployment federal assistance stops, there’ll be a flood of people running to restaurants to return to work.

Fliptable and The Future of Restaurant Staffing

With a single mission: to solve the problem of hiring in the restaurant industry by building a hiring and job listing app that is simpler and enjoyable to use. As you’re either using your PPP loan or putting a hiring plan in place, Fliptable is an app away. Here to help you find quality staff and that perfect restaurant job. Fliptable is the evolution of restaurant staffing and job-seeking, specifically geared towards the industry. Fliptable is the revolutionary mobile app you need to get your restaurant back up and running smoothly. 

Delivery Services

We’ve already seen a massive uptick in food delivery services, and we may see this boost around for a while. Many Americans are cooking more than they once did before COVID-19, and that includes purchasing fresh ingredients delivered by companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. Delivery services such as Uber Eats and Door Dash have grown tremendously in a matter of months.

Fresh food delivered right to your door is certainly attractive. Inevitably, and regardless of this convenience, humans are social creatures and cannot stay home forever.

The Future of The Restaurant Industry is Positive and Bright

The reopening of the economy and businesses is a good sign. Inevitably, restaurants will be back up and running. Some restaurants had to shutter their doors. The restaurants still thriving and surviving are going to be supported.

Soon, customers will be entering your establishment, happy to sit down for a bite or a brew. Welcome customers with open-arms. The success of your restaurant depends on your mindset and your customers – so focus on those two factors and your employees. Do this, and the new norm will be smiling customers and a bustling restaurant.

The future of the restaurant industry is bright. I bet a beer on it.

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