The Fliptable App Will Launch as Summer Ends

So, with COVID-19 relief money expected to end soon, what can you expect as a restaurant manager or owner? You can expect a possible decrease in staff, as many are returning back to their studies. You can also expect the Fliptable App to come to the rescue. Need to hire staff? Fliptable is the faster, easier, more intuitive and affordable way to post a job. Need a job? The Fliptable App allows you to find a restaurant job without the headache of spending hours filling out a profile or taking an irrelevant skills assessment. Kick off your next phase of hiring using the faster, easier, more intuitive, affordable and fun Fliptable App for your restaurant hiring and job seeking needs. The Fliptable App will launch as summer ends.

The Fliptable App is a faster and easier way to find quality restaurant staff and find a restaurant job.

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The ending of the federal aid mixed with losing the back-to-school help calls for an interesting transition. Will the economy sustain itself? Even more, will former restaurant employees be returning to the industry? The answer is yes, absolutely! The restaurant industry is a revolving door. More so now simply due to the pandemic. With this, comes the inevitable. The need to hire quality help and find a restaurant job faster, with ease, and without the piggy breaking-bank.

Now, let’s take a look at the big picture: we’re 4 months into the COVID-19 pandemic. Most states are still requiring restaurants to operate at 50% capacity with optional outdoor seating. Delivery services and take-out are still the preferred method of dining for most Americans. With that being said, the learning curve for the new “normal” is beginning to take place. Restaurant employers are getting back into the groove. Customers are beginning to feel more comfortable dining out again. Win-win.

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From this, those who were unemployed will begin to start making their way back into the job market. From the stats, a significant portion will enter back into the restaurant industry. The struggle is real for the restaurant industry, but it remains bright as we shift gears. This was a reset button some restaurants needed. With that being said, restaurants are finding creative ways to keep business booming and the need for servers, dishwashers, cooks, etc. is going to pick up soon. As this change happens, the Fliptable app will launch as summer ends.

Current college and high school restaurant workers will be going back to school shortly, which will open the door for unemployed individuals to at least find temporary work once the $600 relief funding runs out. Despite the number of COVID-19 cases still rising, people are beginning to step outside more and trust the cleanliness of their local restaurants and stores. Most people still prefer outdoor seating and restaurants have accommodated for that nicely, designating certain areas for dining, and keeping seating 6 feet apart. Employees are beginning to get comfortable wearing their masks and are understanding how important it is to make the customer feel safe, if they want to stay in business. 

Overall, the restaurant industry is showing how important it is to continue to provide a service to their communities.

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Whether your want to be a bartender or hostess, the Fliptable App gets you restaurant jobs fast.

People will always crave that restaurant served meal, and people love to eat out. The restaurant industry is nearly a 1 trillion dollar industry! Yes, you read that right. 1 TRILLION. Despite the downturn, the restaurant industry is coming back and it will be stronger than ever before. With new regulations and better service, the hiring in the restaurant industry will rise this Fall. Unemployed restaurant workers will find themselves back to work soon, and Fliptable will be here to help them find the right place to serve. 

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