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Fliptable’s mission is to make restaurant hiring simpler. Our app is designed to connect restaurant managers and owners with the right servers, bartenders and kitchen-staff faster and more efficiently, saving time and money.

First, we’re not going to fill you full of meat and potatoes. Secondly, we know there are other apps out there in the industry. Competition is healthy. Lastly, we also know that you are free to choose to your hearts-content what you want to download, etc., Fliptable is a new, innovative and fun mobile restaurant hiring-app. Coming soon. We are updating our UI just-in-time for our launch. You provided your feedback, we listened. Now, here we are. See our social presence growing? Ask yourself: why should you sign up for Fliptable? Perhaps, some shop-talk, I mean, kitchen-talk will help.

What is Fliptable?

Fliptable is the place to go to post a restaurant job and find a restaurant job. What does this mean? This means, we are the one-stop-shop to both find quality restaurant staff- key word, there, (quality), and find a restaurant job. Not just any job, a job where you feel your unique talents are valued and put into play whether it be in the BOH or FOH.

Industry specific. We are not a job-board. Rather, Fliptable is the creme de la creme of the restaurant apps out there. We don’t need to dive into the specifics, because the important part is that we don’t fluff our technology or promise you something and not deliver. We provide our users an easy-to-use platform to maneuver and customize. Cha-ching!

Easy to Use With the User in Mind

Looking for a Head-Chef position but unsure where to look? You applied to several positions via Indeed or Ziprecruiter only to get notified that there’s a grocer position available? That’s what we, at Fliptable are solving for. You’re not a bag-boy. You are a restaurant all-star. We gathered data and feedback. Your cry for help was loud-and-clear. Simply sign-up, choose whether you are a job-seeker or hiring manager and, “boom,” our savvy back-end analytic synapses start firing, placing you into your very-own dashboard.

From the Fliptable dashboard, you’ll be able to maneuver around like you are the boss. Choose whether or not you want to message an employer or applicant. Turn notifications on..or off. And, easily change your location settings to match where you are. Does that sound relatively easy? That’s because it is. We designed our interface to both be aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use.

What Makes Fliptable Unique?

We are a team of restaurateurs. We didn’t have a silver spoon in our mouths, we simply lived and breathed the industry first. From that, we gathered around-the-table and came up with this plan to help the restaurant industry. Our mission: serving those in the restaurant industry so that they can serve others. Positivity breathes positivity. Fliptable understands the kitchen can get heated. Why should you sign up for Fliptable? You are not just a user to us. Rather, you are a valuable asset to the restaurant industry. You make our sauce complete!

We Solve the Paint Points in the Restaurant Industry

Our vision understands the impact the restaurant industry has on our economy and our hearts. Positive. It makes sense then why we devote a significant amount of our time on making sure we solve the major paint points. The numbers don’t lie:

By WhatBy How Much
Projected Sales in 2020899 Billion Dollars
Jobs in the U.S.1+ Million and counting
New Jobs to be Created by 20301.6 Million and counting
Restaurant stats supporting the value of innovative restaurant apps like Fliptable

Fliptable Solves the Hiring Paint Point

Technology is one of the top industries driving our economy today. Fliptable kept this in mind when configuring a mobile app. Not only to drive technology in the restaurant industry, but to support it. Hiring can be a nightmare. Trying to find help in an industry where the door seems to be revolving is tough. You need to reserve as much of your time as possible. That is why Fliptable created a means to save you time and money. By providing a platform that brings quality help to you. Right to your fingertips.

Moreover, using computer and IT for employment is projected to grow by 11% by 2030, faster than any other sector. Think about the costs associated with your hiring endeavors. Not only the costs, but the time. Now, think of a day where you could have a peace-of-mind. Think of Fliptable.

Fliptable Solves the Job Pain Point

So, you read the recipe books, you worked this gig and that gig and you’ve reached a solid conclusion. You want to work in the restaurant industry. This is great! In fact, this is an industry to tap into. Your help is needed and wanted. However, you’re not sure what is available. Moreover, you’re not sure where your specific skills are needed? What if I told you that you could stop wondering and start the job that aligns with your career goals right away?

Eat. Pray. Download.

Fliptable is the evolution of restaurant hiring.

Join the Fliptable Family

That’s right, by joining Fliptable, you’re joining a large family of restaurant fans. Not only fans, but professionals and those who want to connect with your talents on a level that proves you are more than a number. Why should you sign up for Fliptable? The answer is in the sauce. You should sign up for Fliptable because you’re tired of job-boards that treat you as a means-to-an-end. At Fliptable, you are more than that. We place value in each and every person that signs-up. Whether you are a job-seeker or hiring manager, there’s a place for you at the table. So, join today.

Bon “App” etit.


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