No. 1 Most Powerful Person in The Restaurant Industry

Innovation is at the forefront of the restaurant industry. Those who see this time as a way to get ahead and make power moves to do so will become the top leaders in the industry. Today, technology is revolutionizing the way the food industry operates. With so many amazing influencers out there, here is the nations top choice for the No. 1 most powerful person in the restaurant industry.

Nations Restaurant News

According to the Nations Restaurant News, the No. 1 most powerful person in the restaurant industry is Noah Glass, CEO of Olo, a digital ordering and delivery platform for restaurants. In 2005, Glass saw a chance to improve upon the way restaurants provide to their consumers. Olo stemmed from Glass’s ability to see the potential of the smartphone early on. As smartphones grew in popularity, so too did the desire to make everything more accessible.

We were maniacally focused on what the world of restaurants would look like when consumers adopted these things. – Glass, CEO, Olo

A Visionary Vision

With smartphones being the “thing” in the hands of all the world, it makes sense then to use them as a resource to provide a service to a population. Not just any service, but a service that will take the headache out of a real-world situation. What better way than to start in the hustle and bustle center of the restaurant industry? If you can provide a mobile service, it will be that much more attractive to the many users who can’t take their hands or eyes off of their smartphone.

Technology is Changing The Restaurant Industry

Now is the time to innovate. Companies are leaning on technology that is able to streamline their operations. Whether it is online ordering, staffing (Fliptable), menu optimization, POS (point of sales), take-out or delivery, restaurant owners and management want to be able to focus more on the FOH and BOH. Technology that allows management to work the floor and restaurant owners on their bottom lines, will surely get ahead of the game now and in the future.

Strong Partnerships and Technology

Oftentimes two is better than one and if you choose wisely and do some “digging,” you will create a powerful synergy. Hence why if a partnership is the route you want to take, it’s important to think about a few things:

  • Brand alignment – Do the products you provide match well?
  • Location – Think about time-zones and ability to travel to meet team and clients regularly
  • Complimentary products – Makes sense to partner with a company or person who has similar products. Example: Online technology to education company or staffing agencies with employers.
  • Target Audience – Does the customer profile of the partnership match?

What it comes down to is the win-win factor. A partnership really is a back-scratching methodology. If there’s a win-win, and a unique value proposition, you’ll have a better shot at success. The question of, “What’s in it for me?” is not a unrealistic or offensive. A unique value proposition will be attractive to the right person and will oftentimes speak for itself, but you also want to be conscious of the factors listed above for a better match.

Glass had the mindset, the partnerships, and the determination to create solutions to some of the worlds problems and that is what makes him the No. 1 most powerful person in the restaurant industry in 2020.

The restaurant community is large. There’s thousands of amazingly talented and kind individuals out there making waves and searching for the next problem to solve. I encourage you to follow and join these individuals. You will learn from their experiences and gain a profound appreciation for the restaurant industry. Cheers.

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