Meet the People Behind The Fliptable App

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When you think of Tesla, Ford, Google, and Apple, you wonder, “who is the man or woman behind the machine?” Who are the individuals behind such a popular and profound product? Fliptable is no different. Well, actually, yes, we are. The people behind our product do in fact lead pretty cool lives and have together, come up with a revolutionary product soon to hit the market. With this, I thought the timing was perfect to release an attention-getter for our fans to meet the former virtually recluse. Each member who works behind-the-scenes has a story, those stories speak to our brand. To have and to hold a viable product, you need a solid team. From our brand, website, marketing, and sales. At the end-of-the-day, a table needs support. Meet the people behind the Fliptable App who sit at the head of the table.

Fliptable Competitive Advantage

We knew we wanted to build a team that would be an extension of ourselves and an extension of our brand. – Director of Operations, Fliptable

I wanted to individually highlight our team members so as to appropriately place them in a limelight to show their unique position and what they bring to the table. Read on to meet the people behind the Fliptable App.

Meet the Head Table at Fliptable

Part 1 of 5

Now, it’s important to note that I’ve had the amazing opportunity to not only work with these members, but in the creation process, I’ve learned a great deal about the value these members place within the company. It goes without saying, the people sitting at the “table” are truly invaluable. You are what you eat! Mostly coffee and Cliff Bars (wink) to withstand the long days and evenings.

Series 1 – The Lead Full-Stack Developer

The Commis Chef – Vova

Meet the Head Table at Fliptable

Vova comes to us from Notre Dame University. Chosen not only for his tenacious personality but his desire to build. Vova loves what he does and he loves to program. You will often find him immersed in Java, Jira, Python, CSS, Scala, C++, SSL, and all of the encompassing fancy developer acronym methodologies. Without further ado, let’s dig into the nitty-gritty to learn more about this unique and talented team member at Fliptable.

What Inspired you to Become a Developer at Fliptable?

As a kid, I loved legos and math, so when I got older, programming seemed like a natural combination of the two.

What is Your Favorite Aspect of Developing?

Naturally altruistic and creative, Vova enjoys all things programming. More than that, he stated that the greatest aspect of developing is seeing the smiles on peoples faces.

Seeing the people’s faces when they use something I developed is what made me fall in love with programming.

Admirable, considering we smiled the first time Vova completed a deliverable. It goes without saying that Vova is talented and driven.

What About Fliptable Motivated You to Join the Table?

The potential to help thousands of people find quality employment in times when it is especially important.

Touché. The current job-boards that exist today are missing a very important key aspect of human nature Рconnection. Without connection, job-boards just seem mass produced and heavily focused on the revenue piece instead of a quality product and the important customer service that drive sales.

Every business seeks to stay out of the red, but when these job boards focus on collecting the masses without first connecting with the very users that keep their business model running, they are missing the forest for the trees. Indeed, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, and even LinkedIn are missing key components. That, I will not disclose in its entirety, simply because that’s why Fliptable came-to-be.

Furthermore, you may be wondering, with any spare time, what does a programmer like Vova do when he’s not creating amazing Fliptable App features?

What Are Your Hobbies and Interest Outside of Fliptable?

I love hiking! There’s something about nature that takes your mind off of zeros and ones.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I often find myself being called by the mountains. Fliptable knows the importance of work-life balance. We encourage our team to get out and explore. Our team utilizes team management platforms like Slack to communicate daily and hold weekly team meetings to both catch up and talk-shop. Crying babies in the background and dog-walking is welcome. We get it, our team not only works diligently, we recognize our members have lives outside of creation. Kudos to you!

Moreover, our team is always thinking about the future and what our customers want. After all, that is part of our mission: to solve the pain points of hiring and job-seeking in the restaurant industry.

Order Up:

If You Could Incorporate the Best Possible Feature for Mobile Apps, What Would it be and Why?

I know, tough question, eh. However, I really wanted to hear straight from our developer what he feels would really become a competitive advantage in the app world. Here’s what Vova had to say:

I find it hard to pin down a specific feature. To me, every little detail is like an instrument in the collective symphony of an app.

Music to my ears. When it comes to creating a mobile app, it’s not only about what the market is perceptive to. More than that, it’s the creators ability to make a pain point no longer a pain, it’s about turning a negative into a positive. Vova is onto something here when he says, “every little detail.” The general public wants convenience, they want interaction, privacy, and they want it right now.

What is Your Vision for Fliptable and Your Current Developments?

Undoubtedly, our team has a positive vision for Fliptable. Vova is steadily working behind-the-scenes to build a viable, reliable, convenient, and interactive mobile app. There’s a lot more to it than you may think.

The Fliptable advantage will be its ease of use in times when life is getting more complicated. Fliptable will simplify the common pain points and bottlenecks involved in finding work by offering simple yet powerful UI and alleviate the stress finding the perfect employees and employers through robust algorithms, making the job search fun and effective, unlike our competitors.

I recently spoke to the CEO of Maine Cater. After having a wonderful conversation in talking shop, we agreed on one major aspect: Finding and hiring the right help is so difficult. Not only the right help, but quality. Fliptable solves for that. The vetting process to acquire quality staff is also timely. Therefore, people are coming in at a particular time but don’t quite fit-the-bill. Fliptable solves for that also.

Without a doubt, the tech world is becoming increasingly complicated, but with that, comes the ability to create a mode of convenience.

Do You Have a Favorite Childhood Restaurant Memory?

My family loved a family-run Italian eatery, where there was no menus; you just came in and got served whatever the chef was cooking that day.

Sounds homey. Oh, the memories. We all have them, especially as it relates to food. Part of what makes Fliptable so unique is that we are business-minded/oriented individuals, but more than that, at the heart of it all, we are family. That’s the feeling we want to convey to our customers. That when you join Fliptable, you join a table full of restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, cooks, chefs, waiters, bartenders, Moms, Dads, and world-travelers. As a customer, you are not just a number or a means to an end. The opposite, you are a member of our family on a mission to revolutionize the restaurant industry one swipe at a time.

What Position Would you Hold if You Worked in the Restaurant Industry?

I would probably be a chef; seems like the developer of the restaurant industry. My specialty would be sushi burritos — extra wasabi.

A chef puts out many fires and Vova, as our developer certainly has a lot on his plate. His ability to take feedback and build a viable, clean, and engaging app is surely what makes him such a great team member, one member to meet behind the Fliptable app.

Fliptable in the Restaurant Industry

Vova is the lead full-stack developer for Fliptable. Currently, he’s the guru to go to when a member of our team has an idea they would like implemented. Vova the builder is intricately weaving a unique design with the user experience in mind. An invaluable addition to the table. Vova wanted to end with this:

Fliptable will be for the restaurant employment industry what sliced bread was for the bread industry.

This is part one of five in the blog series to get to know the team behind the Fliptable product. Follow us and subscribe today. Don’t miss out on the chance to meet the people behind the Fliptable app. Next in line is our warrior of sales and development, business development director a la carte. A good-read you don’t want to miss.

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