Meet the Bartender at Goodwater Brewery

So, I’m a travel-bug who also happens to appreciate a good brew. Coincidentally, it’s also fun to travel around the East Coast. Where did my travels land me this time? I found myself in this bar. Conveniently located in bustling downtown Williston, VT, Goodwater Brewery is home to good beer, good people, and a good bartender. Meet the bartender at Goodwater Brewery.

The Bartender

I knew I wanted to explore the beer samples and have a good conversation. When I sat down, I was immediately welcomed with a smile by the bartender. Here’s where my desire to know more about the industry kicked in. After some small-talk, I felt InspiRED – an Irish Red Ale (fully recommend), and a tab, the bartender volunteered to answer a few questions I had.

How long have you been in the industry?

Grab yourself a tall glass of Goodwater beer.

Where It all Beer-gan

Having been in the industry just shy of a decade, at the age of 15, he started out as busboy. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, “busboy,” it’s a term used in the restaurant industry to mean a man who clears tables. This term is used interchangably with, “busser” for male and female. This term also partially inspired the name, “Fliptable,” so, kind of neat.

The passion for good quality craft beer has inspired me over the past 4 years.

Now a bartender and manager at Goodwater, it’s clear that the industry no matter the ups-and-downs, twists-and-turns, or COVID, still has him tilting glasses and making small-talk.

The Location, Look and Feel

Beside the brewery being nestled in between a few of my favorite spots, the clean and crisp feel to the overall atmosphere was my first initial attraction to the brewery. I know there’s an odd and unique attraction to some local dive-bars, but nothing beats walking into an environment where you just feel comfortable.

The Beer Nation

To that, the beer brewing industry has sky-rocketed. Vermont being the home to the most craft breweries per capita within the U.S. That’s a lot of beer. Makes sense then why locals and those looking to take an adventure stop into beer hubs like Goodwater in addition to other breweries to quench their thirst.

Don’t Worry be Hoppy

Take a walk on Hoppy Side.

Futhermore, the unique choice of craft brews are also catchy. Their beer titles like, Rezevoir, OPA, O’Fest, and Chocolate Porter keep any beer enthusiast running. A personal favorite coming into Fall and Winter is the Chocolate Porter. A brew perfect for those cold evenings, nestled up near the fireplace, with a good-read or after an afternoon ski-session. I’m glad I ventured North to meet the bartender at Goodwater Brewery, where the beer was cold and the food was hot.

If you’re into lighter blends, he recommends the summer thirst quencher, “Stange.” Everything but, this unique style Kolsche goes great with a tasty burger and fries. Order up!

What’s the Hiring Process Like?

As of right now, the hiring process is word of mouth. A real pain not having a solid way of getting people in the door. Until Fliptable.

 Hiring process is word of mouth or mutual friends, the beer industry is a great industry to be in. I think it would be nice to have a system to help out with the hiring process.

Of course, I chimed in here and pitched Fliptable, of which he, as in the bartender, and maker of all things beer plans to sign-up for to help with his current hiring problem.

What’s One Thing You Noticed Has Changed Since COVID?

..Contact tracing has some people annoyed with having to give their name and phone number after every visit.  We love to ensure the safety of our patrons, so we follow the guidelines of the state to ensure that.

According to the bartender, the locals have been fantastic. Shout out to Vermonters.

Unfortunately there’s the old saying of “you can never make everyone happy”.

No, you certainly can’t make everyone happy, but you can hand them a beer and they’ll be bit more chippy.

It Takes a People-Person

I enjoy talking with people and figuring out what they enjoy.  I can send them to multiple “locals” spots or give them recommendations of places that I enjoy going to

The next time you refrain from grabbing a drink at the bar because of COVID, think again. Restaurants and bars all across North America are doing everything they can to get and keep customers. Safety is at the top of their priority list. Though providing contact information is uncomfortable for most, it’s a small price to pay to enjoy the necessary social aspect of life, a tall blonde, and a chocolate porter.

Any Advice You Would Give to the General Public

Now is a very tough time to be entering the industry, especially with the fear of a second wave coming. My advice would be to remain patient. Don’t rush things for the sake of rushing or trying to make more money. Make sure your permits are in order and you follow guidelines during these tough times. Nobody wants to be the first bar/restaurant to have an outbreak. Make sure you’re not allowing extra people in for a couple of extra bucks in your pocket. As always, surround yourself with a positive team that can work well together, even under these stressful times. Teamwork is key to success.

If you brew it, they will come. Just be sure to follow the rules. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Teamwork during these troublesome times surely separates the doers and don’ts.

Fliptable and the Brewing Industry

Fliptable is built to withstand the hiring and job seeking needs specifically in the restaurant industry – this to include the bar and brewing industry. That’s right, a real needed niche. A team of hungry restaurateurs set out on a mission to chef up what the restaurant world was putting down. An industry plagued with pain points, with hiring and finding a restaurant job at the top. We built an app that’s currently obtaining Beta feedback. Fliptable will immediately connect you with hundreds of job seekers and restaurant jobs across North America. The Fliptable slide features and intricately designed UI and AI allow for both job seekers and hiring managers to be notified of interest and setup interviews in real-time. What’s that I hear? What can be better than that? That’s not all. Want to learn more? Sign up for the Fliptable App today. We’re not just an app, we’re the fix to your hiring and job seeking needs in your back pocket. Easypeasy-lemon-squeezy.

Vermont is home to an array of craft and micro-brewing establishments. Surely something to add to your travel bucket-list. Not only can you come across a unique blend of reds, blondes, ales, pale or hazy, but you can also never get bored finding the next cold one for your palate. If you want to take a road trip one sunny Sunday afternoon, travel to Williston, VT to meet the bartender at Goodwater brewery.

With this, I want to end this beer quenching blog by thanking this very kind and motivated bartender for the friendly conversation, the beer, and for being a Fliptable fan.

Put it on my tab. Cheers.

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