Introducing The Convenient Fliptable QR Code For Restaurants and Job Seekers

As if our mobile app wasn’t enough proof that we are in this together, we’ve introduced another excellent feature. Now, you can reach for your smartphone camera and apply for a position instantly! The team at Fliptable is introducing the convenient Fliptable QR code for restaurants and job seekers.

Here’s How it Works For Restaurants

A QR code is specific to each restaurant. When you post a job on the Fliptable App, Fliptable sends you a free QR code. When the restaurant receives the code, they place it on any front-facing window or door of their establishment. Once the code is up, it’s free marketing for restaurants and easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy applying for job seekers. As job seekers approach your establishment, have them pull out their camera-phone, point, and capture. The positions you post for your restaurant will come up, and just like that, the job seeker fills out a profile and applies to that position all by standing right outside (or inside). The guessing game is over—no more wondering who’s hiring and who’s not—no more begging for help. Now, there’s a Fliptable QR code that solves that.

Here’s How it Works For Job Seekers

Remember, as a kid, the loop, swoop, and pull? With the Fliptable App, you download, swipe, and match. It’s that easy. Picture this: you’re in the market for a restaurant job. Not just any job, a job you know you’ll love. At the same time, you’re walking downtown with your friends and see a QR code on the front door of Mimmo’s Pizzeria. Instead of searching aimlessly for the position or interrupting the manager to see if he or she is hiring, you see a QR code. On that QR code, it reads, “We use Fliptable to hire. Scan QR code for open positions.” You scan the code, take less than a minute, and apply to any posted positions. A unique value proposition for the job seeker is that, unlike the current job boards where you are ghosted, the Fliptable App sends you notifications. “Who you gonna call?” The Fliptable Ghost Busters.

The Convenience Factor

Our team knows that time is a valuable resource. We also know that applying for jobs is already a frustrating and time-consuming endeavor. You don’t want to spend hours applying for a job. As a hiring manager, you have enough on your plate. It would be best if you focused on your employees and the overall operations. We know all of this. We built an app that caters to job seekers and hiring managers too.

If you haven’t already done so, download the Fliptable App. Introducing the convenient Fliptable QR code for restaurants and job seekers. It’s time you love what you do and enjoy the people you choose to add to your team. Download the Fliptable App today. Your new job and talented staff member is now only a QR code away.


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