Fliptable Helps Restaurant Job Seekers

Chances are, you’ve been either searching endlessly for a job and coming up short, or, you have spent countless hours applying, to only receive notifications asking you to apply to operate heavy machinery in Missouri when are a waitress and reside in Maine. We built an app that takes the ache out of your head. As a restaurant job seeker, it’s hard enough to juggle multiple personal priorities. You have enough on your plate (pun intended). You deserve to know that the skills you have to offer will be valued and useful. Fliptable helps restaurant job seekers find their perfect fit in the restaurant industry. Fliptable knows your time is valuable. The sooner you find the perfect restaurant job, the sooner you can reap the benefits.

Calling all Restaurant Job Seekers

Fliptable gives job-seekers a “peace” of-mind.

No more messages requesting you apply to operate a skid-steer out in Omaha Nebraska when your resume clearly outlines your desire to remain in the restaurant industry. No more messages from hiring managers who could care less about what you actually have to offer. Lastly, no more calls from cold-callers who get paid to speak with you regardless of placing you or not. Your time to get cooking and to shine is now. There’s no better time than now to sign up for Fliptable. Why?

The Fliptable App is Free for Job Seekers

Yes, that’s right. Free. One “F,” one “R,” and two “E’s,” FREE. You want to save time and money, right? As a job seeker on Fliptable, you get instant access to hundreds of jobs throughout North America. Not just any job, jobs that match your specific restaurant industry- skill-set. Why does everything cost money? It did until now. Get yourself a fancy apron or custom knife-set with the money you’ll save. Spend more time connecting with restaurateurs who value your teamwork. Get the job that matches not only your resume but your unique profile. Sign up for Fliptable today. Your restaurant dreams start here.

Get Hired Faster

Get hired faster using the easy-to-use mobile app slide features

Watch out Monster, Ziprecruiter, Indeed, Linkedin, and all other massively operated yet less than intricately designed job boards. There’s a new-kid-on-the-block that goes by the name of Fliptable.

We’ve created an innovative way to get you hired in the restaurant industry that saves you time. Just create a profile in minutes, set your criteria and immediately get matched with employers looking to hire you. You can start receiving interview requests within minutes and chat with hiring managers who WANT to speak with you.

Earn What You Deserve

Start collecting those earned tips today and earn what you deserve.

You’re not ten anymore. You can’t rake an entire lawn for five dollars and expect to make rent. We use criteria designed for people in the restaurant industry. Screen restaurants for shift availability, skills and salary. Find a job that suits your lifestyle and earn the money you deserve. You exceed your daily recommendation of 10,000 steps a-day, so should your compensation.

Your Dream Job

Your restaurant dream job is a swipe away.

So, you began baking blueberry muffins with Grandma Jean when you were five. Now, you want to elevate your baking skills to include a leadership position in the BOH, learning from some of the best in the industry. Fliptable is your app of opportunity. Your gate to obtaining that sought after dream job and your instant connection to restaurants that want you just as much as you want them.

More Interactive and Convenient

No, we are not your typical job-board, and no, we aren’t just trying to sell our services/product. Instead, we are truly a pretty cool bunch of entrepreneurial restaurateurs who care about your success’s and dreams. We don’t like the current job-boards anymore than you do. We know you have family you want to provide for and come home to. Here at Fliptable, you are family. When you sign up for Fliptable, you’re not just a job-seeker or restaurant, you’re family; a member of the Fliptable family.

Use the customize features to attract hiring managers who want to hire you.

Fliptable places importance into our job-seekers. Our mission is to serve you so that you can serve others. Without our amazingly talented job-seekers, we wouldn’t be where we are. Fliptable believes you can have that dream job in the restaurant industry and we believe you should have immediate access to our services in your back pocket, without having to open your laptop or remember your millions of other job-board credentials.

The Fliptable job-seeker dashboard is your one-stop-shop to customize your profile and see your matches. What you decide to do with your matched jobs is completely up to you. Want to see who’s messaged you? See for yourself. Want to chat with a hiring manager? Chat-it-up. And, want to change information in your profile? Razzle-dazzle away my friend.

So, if you want to join Fliptable, know this: we won’t leave you hanging. We won’t ghost you, and we won’t make you operate any heavy machinery. However, what we will do is give you a peace-of-mind and validation that you are 100% the reason why we built this app.

Fliptable helps restaurant job seekers in ways other job-boards don’t.

Fliptable: App of the people, by the people and for the people.

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